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Barbara's books, CDs and workshops are invaluable resources to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Barbara SherAward-winning author Barbara “The Games Lady” Sher is an internationally popular occupational therapist specializing in developing children's natural love of play to enhance sensory, motor and social skills. “. Barbara’s “unplugged” approach to play emphasizes spontaneity and playful movement, using simple materials, throwaways and recyclables, re-imagined in endless variations, as learning toys that encourage a vast array of skills.

A tireless advocate of the vanishing art of kid’s play, Barbara’s books, CDs, workshops and podcasts have enlightened and inspired parents, caregivers and teachers worldwide in ten languages. Her CD 28 Instant Songgames won the 2000 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP award, and Dr. Tony's Best Vacation Children's Products. She is a regular contributor to Parenting for Special Needs and Sensory Focus magazines.

Barbara currently works on the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

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Books, CDs and Workshops

Games lady Series:

Using Every Child's Natural Love of Play to Enhance Key Skills and Promote Inclusion  Self Esteem Games  Early Intervention Games  Spirit Games Attention Games Smart Play

Independent Series:

Home Grown Baby  Playful Moments Easy Going Games Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things

Award-Winning CD

Song Games

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Everyday Games

Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder advocates play as the most effective approach for children with sensory processing disorder, and illustrates the many ways that play can lead to significant breakthroughs, including:

  1. 100 fun and simple games for parents to play with their kids
  2. An easy-to-grasp overview of sensory processing disorder
  3. Inventive ideas for engaging kids, using materials easily found around the house

Inclusive games geared toward varying degrees of development, with modifications for older children

Everyday Games Drawing Everyday Games Drawing Everyday Games Drawing

These illustrations will give you a sense of the kind of fit-in-your-life games that are in the book. Jiggling a standing child on your knees while singing a song that goes fast and goes slow enhances balance for all kids. Identifying common sounds while blindfolded is also fun for all. Flicking coins is great for fine motor control. But all games can be especially right to increase the awareness for children who experience sensory processing differences.

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Invaluable resources to help your child reach his or her full potential
Commentary from around the globe.
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