Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder

The 10 most common sensory issues in children with spd

Everyday GamesIf you’re looking for new strategies to manage your child's sensory processing disorder, this book is a perfect companion to classics such as The Out-of-Sync Child and Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder advocates play as the most effective approach for children with sensory processing disorder, and illustrates the many ways that play can lead to significant breakthroughs, including:

  1. 100 fun and simple games for parents to play with their kids
  2. An easy-to-grasp overview of sensory processing disorder
  3. Inventive ideas for engaging kids, using materials easily found around the house

Inclusive games geared toward varying degrees of development, with modifications for older children


Everyday Games Drawing Everyday Games Drawing Everyday Games Drawing

These illustrations will give you a sense of the kind of fit-in-your-life games that are in the book. Jiggling a standing child on your knees while singing a song that goes fast and goes slow enhances balance for all kids. Identifying common sounds while blindfolded is also fun for all. Flicking coins is great for fine motor control. But all games can be especially right to increase the awareness for children who experience sensory processing differences.

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Praise for Everyday Games:

“Like all Barbara Sher’s books, Everyday Games is timeless and wondrous in its simplicity….
Ellen Notbohm, Author, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

“Whimsy and wisdom pour forth from this wonderful book… ideas are easily adaptable to suit.. all kids and all their grown-ups. “
Carol Stock Kranowitz
Author, The Out-of-Sync Child

“…This is a terrific collection parents, teachers and therapists will treasure.”
Lindsey Biel, Occupational Therapist and co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child 

“…I couldn’t be more supportive of this interesting and fun book!”
Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D, OTR, , Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

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