Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things: Make-it-yourself, do-it-yourself activities that encourage your child’s development

Want to use recycled materials to play childrens’ games but don’t know what games to play with the materials you have.? This book provides the solution Ordinary things such as milk cartons and cans become the building blocks for spontaneous fun.

Extraordinary Play is divided into chapters depending upon which materials you have handy. Got mismatched socks? Got cardboard boxes? string? paper bags? Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things has 700 activities that enrich children's development using these everyday "throwaways".

Materials included are;

Other ordinary things

The appendix spells out what skills are being developed by each game

Skills being addressed are:

Eye-hand coordination, balance, eye-foot coordination,fine motor, flexibility, gross motor, imagination, social awareness, motor control, rhythm and spatial sense

But from a kid’s point of view, the games are just plain fun.

Extraordinary Play is perfect for typical children and children with special needs, There is a whole chapter on games to play with children in wheelchairs.

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Extraordinary Play with Ordinary ThingsPraise for Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things:

GREAT BIRTHDAY PARTY OR BOREDOM RESOURCE BOOK! I've used this book a lot! We've come up with great birthday party activities from this-- or rainy-day boredom busters. One 4-yr-old child who had just had a $400 chuck-e-cheese birthday asked if she could have her party in my back yard next year! The obstacle course suggestions alone are worth buying this book. This book will educate you to look at your recycables in a new way. After reading this-- my own ideas flourished as well. In fact, every item in your house will start to reveal it's play possibilities to you. Anyone who has watched a kid play with a cardboard box or tube for hours will appreciate this book. Some of the things we have made from recyclables and found objects have been played with more than most other toys in our house. --Chrisdono (Billerica, MA USA)

This is definitely the book to have around when the "I don't have anything to do" whinnies hits. I am not exaggerating when I say that the book is packed with great ideas.-- PurseStrings

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