Playful Moments: Cartoons that show easy fun games that parents can play with their children in a  spontaneous moment with no more preparation than a smile.

Home Grown BabyPlay is a powerful learning tool. When children are engaged, they naturally focus and learn. Neuroscientists have shown that actual brain development happens when children are having fun. You don't need lots of times to play games with your child, just an easy idea and a good mood. PLAYFUL MOMENTS can give you over 50 ideas for spontaneous play.

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Reviews for Playful Moments:

I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I just love this little book with great ideas to entertain young ones (baby up to teen) with little to no money or preparation required.

Barbara Sher (the occupational therapist celebrated "Games Lady", not the job satisfaction guru Barbara Sher) has written at least 7 other books with fun, educational, body-and-mind expanding games using "everyday things", my personal favorite being Spirit Games: 300 Fun Activities That Bring Children Comfort and Joy but this one is more of a quick reference or 'emergency kit' of sorts. It's small enough to slip into the purse or diaper bag and has lots of ideas you can implement while waiting in line, while in the car, during a dull moment while visiting Aunt Harriet, etc. It's the ideal 'rainy day' guide. Some of the games are creative twists on old favorites (like the one where you hide objects like an Easter Egg hunt), others are ones I already knew about but had forgotten (finding shapes in clouds), but most were new to me. I created the shape sorters like she suggested for my (now 2 yr old) son using household objects like putting straws in soda bottles, and he was way ahead of his classmates in fine motor skills when he started daycare at 14 mo old.

The thing I like best about this book is that all of the games are easy to do and are presented as ways you can play WITH your child... and all are great alternatives to television! Great extra to add to a shower gift or for a mom-friend's birthday.
-- Anna Simon "Jeremy's Mama"(Denver, CO)

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