Spirit Games: 300 Fun Activities that Bring Children Comfort and Joy

Spirit GamesIncrease the joy of daily life and banish the blues with this wise and nurturing collection of family games for toddlers to teens and adults! Spirit Games make children feel brighter and more confident. Sharing these upbeat activities encourages your child’s self-esteem and builds a lasting foundation for happiness.

Developed by occupational therapist Barbara Sher over the course of thirty years as a play-therapy specialist, teacher and parent, this collection of 300 wise and nurturing ideas fosters parent-child interaction and requires no special preparation or equipment.  Play Spirit Games as a mean to:

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Praise for Spirit Games:

"Imagine a book that you can take down from the shelf whenever your nerves are fried, your six-year-old is angrily pushing the toddler down the stairs, and your teen is holed up in his room with a broken heart. One book, small and unassuming, holds such a wealth of wisdom, with games/activities/ritual to cultivate joy and well-being, no matter what is happening. The first chapter offers ways to nurture your own spirit so that you can be present and more joyful in facing the day with your children. Then the spirit games begin, all to create more fun and smiles every day;  doing a 360° circle together of appreciation, time races to handle resistance, getting out the door, writing yourself letters to receive days later if you are blue, ‘Mom Gone Nuts’ and ‘Finding the Grumpy Bug.’ One of my favorites is the ‘Emergency Relief Box’ filled with photos and memories of joyful times, to pull out on gloomy days. There are games/activities for healing sadness, anger, and fear, for building confidence and trust, and for learning compassion and new ways of responding to the situations life brings us. ‘All shall be well’ is the wisdom woven into these pages, especially if you are having fun along the way! Best of all, these wise ways include toddlers to teens, so that this book will be a trusted and wise companion through all the growing-up years. I can't recommend it enough."

~ Chinaberry Books and Other Treasures for the Whole Family
Reprinted with permission of Chinaberry Inc. 

“You will find this book a helpful resource. The author, a mother with a broad background in child development, works as an occupational therapist. The book presents creative games and activities to lighten the mood or spirit of a person or group.

The games are coded for age groups in sections labeled for mental outlook. For Young Ones in the ‘More Joy, Please!’ section, it is suggested that the young child enjoy a place of refuge under a table or in an empty appliance box, where special things can be kept, such as a pillow, blanket, or paper and markers. For ‘Middle Ones’ in the ‘Making Magic’ section directions are given for asking leading questions to help the child see her dream of life more clearly. For ‘Older Teens’ in the ‘When I'm Angry’ section, a set of cards with sentences which could change his mood may be drawn out of a box.

Some sentences can be helpful, such as ‘I was doing my best,’ ‘Bad times don't last forever,’ or ‘I can love myself even if I am not perfect.’ For ‘All Ages’ in the ‘When I'm Sad’ section, family songs may be helpful in times of sorrow. This book provides many unusual and fresh ideas to improve relationships"

~Carlee Hallman for Children's Literature

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