28 Instant Song Games

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MaBoAubLo and Barbara Sher MS, OTR-

Winner of the 2000 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award
Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Children's Products.

28 Instant Song Games28 games that make children feel good about themselves. 28 Instant Songames is great fun for typical children as well as those with special needs!

Activities promoted:

Fun and engaging for kids ages 3-8, "Songames" are musical activities for improving fine-and gross-motor skills, muscle strength, and rhythmicity. This full-length, 28-song music CD will get kids up and moving in no time. The The 28 Instant Songames are:

  1. Non-competitive
  2. Inclusion friendly
  3. Kid-tested, parent-approved
  4. A great way to induce a state of playfulness and magical wonder
  5. Perfect for gradual change; kids can change the way they play the games each time

Great play activities for home, school, and clinic settings.

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Winner of the 2000 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award and Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Children’s Products:

"At the very end of the CD, we hear:”Come back and play with us soon!” I am certain that all young children, their parents, educators and therapists will often want to include these engaging, musical games from this delightful teaching tool in their daily routines. The Songames are interactive and are for typically developing children and those with special needs.

Fun can be educational and as the children dance, move, sing, talk and perform the activities suggested they are developing their fine-and-gross motor, sensory, listening, language and memory skills. This is a very easy resource to use with practical strategies/games to learn about their bodies, their feelings, their preferences, their dreams, their talents and about each other.

Each selection is sung in a clear, soothing voice that usually becomes slower and softer at the end to create a calm mood so the children can settle down to transition to another type of lesson. No equipment/material is needed just your imagination. The tunes are simple; the words are easy and the sessions can be held right in the classroom. All kids can feel good about participating as all answers are correct and activities can be adapted to all abilities. The booklet offers variations in the fun activities for each track so this CD can be used over and over again and always be different as there is a ‘musical space’ between many of the verses to allow the children to say a few words which will most likely be different each time.

By using silliness, humor and exaggerations the kids are motivated to participate and in turn this gives a boost to their self-image. The kids starting their day at school should look forward for the moment their teacher reaches for the 28 Instant Songames."

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