Praise for Barbara’s books

Attention Games: 101 Fun, Easy Games that Help Kids Learn to Focus

Attention Games is the sort of fresh contribution we need right now in a culture gone mad with labeling kids as ADHD. Her simple games and activities are wonderful for helping kids of all ages focus their attention while learning new things, thinking in new ways, and exploring the world around them.”
~ Thomas Armstrong, PhD, author of The Myth of the A.D.D. Child: 50 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion.

Testimonials“Attention, please! These sensory-rich activities are sensational! They encourage kids to relate purposefully to others and participate wholeheartedly in the world around them as they focus intentionally on novel experiences and ideas.
~ Carol S. Kranowitz, MA, author of The Out-of-Sync Child and The Goodenoughs Get in Sync.

The Whole Spectrum of Social, Motor and Sensory Games: Using Every Child's Natural Love of Play to Enhance Key Skills and Promote Inclusion

"Everyone from grandmothers to therapists will benefit from the easy and practical activities in this book. The author's personal anecdotes and video clips are heartwarming and made the book come alive."
~ Darlene Mannix, Special Education Teacher and author, Social Skills Activities for Special Children

"A resourceful book that takes the 'Power of Play' to the next level."
--Jennifer Gilpin Yacio, editor, Sensory Focus Magazine

Early Intervention Games: Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders

"Barbara Sher is gifted in her ability to weave therapy into play while deeply respecting the strengths and uniqueness of each child, artfully explaining how everyone can support challenged children through brilliantly creative yet practical, low-budget games."
~ Mary Sue Williams, co-author of How Does Your Engine Run?® Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

“A resourceful book! Barbara findsways to encourage the development of all children with fun and comfort in mind. Many parents who come to our Center continue to use this as a manual for connecting with our children. No fuss, no complicated language. It's perfect.”
~ Anne Saraceno, Director, Swindell Resource Center, Providence Child Center, Portland, OR

Self-Esteem Games: 300 Fun Activities that Make Children Feel Good About Themselves

“This is a great book to be able to grab when you need an activity. One thing that I really enjoy about Barbara Sher's activities is that they are low prep and you know that anything you find in her book will be of value to the children.”
~ Marissa Kenney, MEd, Montessori teacher

“Fab book for promoting self-esteem in children who seem to be a little less confident than their peers, or just as fun games to do. Can be done by one person or a whole family.”
~ Mumsnet Reviews, www.mumsnet.com

Spirit Games: 300 Fun Activities That Bring Children Comfort and Joy

"Imagine a book that you can take down from the shelf Happy Kidswhenever your nerves are fried, your six-year-old is angrily pushing the toddler down the stairs, and your teen is holed up in his room with a broken heart. One book, small and unassuming, holds such a wealth of wisdom, with games/activities/ritual to cultivate joy and well-being, no matter what is happening. There are games/activities for healing sadness, anger, and fear, for building confidence and trust, and for learning compassion and new ways of responding the the situations life brings us. ‘All shall be well’ is the wisdom woven into these pages, especially if you are having fun along the way! Best of all, these wise ways include toddlers to teens, so that this book will be a trusted and wise companion through all the growing-up years."
~ Chinaberry Books and Other Treasures for the Whole Family
Reprinted with permission of Chinaberry Inc.

28 Instant Songames: Fun-Filled Activities for Kids 3-8

“All young children, their parents, educators, and therapists will often want to include these engaging, musical games in their daily routines. Barbara, aka The Games Lady, includes a CD and 48-page booklet. This delightful, inclusion-friendly, non-competitive teaching tool is timeless and only limited by the imagination of the users.”
~ Lorna d’Entremont, Special Needs Book Review

Kudos for Barbara’s workshops

“Very exciting workshops with lots of participant activity involvement. The versatile activities presented practical and fun ways to increase motor planning, strength and coordination, with techniques that could be used by family members, interventionists or therapists."
~ Holly Harrison, Associate Director, University Affiliated Program, NET New Mexico

"I was amazed at how many simple and practical ideas Barbara shared in such a short time. We have her books on games and making toys with everyday items, which has been extremely useful for our special needs and preschool staff. Ms Sher is an excellent and inspirational trainer."
~ Karen Thomas, SCF, Special Needs Coordinator, Save The Children, Wanchai, Hong Kong

"As a continuing education provider for occupational, physical and speech therapists and special educators, I’ve had Barbara teach at a multi-disciplinary symposium. Participants recognized and appreciated the high level of expertise in her field and her communication abilities."
~ Eileen Richter, Professional Development Programs, Minnesota

"I met Ms. Sher in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she was making a presentation to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' family and Child Education Conference. It is putting it lightly to say that I have been touched by Barbara Sher. As an educator for thirty years, I am enthused by her inward enthusiasm, It comes out and grabs you. Her evident joy of and for life makes you move. Finally I', blessed because I know that as long as there are educators around the caliber of Barbara, many people will have the opportunity to be all that they can be and enjoy the journey" -- Patricia Kindles-Ford, Choctaw Indians family and Education center, Conehatta, Mississippi

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